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Bilum - double pouch

Bilum - double pouch

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Traditionally used to transport goods and babies bilums are handcrafted from woven yarn by a method known as knotless netting or looping, a century old tradition. This is quite a time consuming process from sourcing and collecting plants, beating, drying, twisting, dying and weaving. A single bilum can take 4-8 weeks to complete. 

Made primarily by women, the money generated from each sale goes directly back to the artisan and her family, helping pay for everyday essentials such as food, running water, housing, healthcare and education for her children.  As a unique feature each bilum comes with details of the artisans name and provenance. 

Approx Size: 50 cm H x 25 cm W

Name of weaver: Mol Mary.              Provenance: Telefomin