About Us

Years in the making a lifelong dream has come to fruition in the creation of Zuri Home. Zuri - the Swahili name for beautiful, showcases the best of original handmade and ethically sourced organic products each with their own story to tell.
Our organic textures and earthy hues seamlessly intertwine to form a unique, calming experience to soothe the soul. With an exotic tribal influence, our aesthetic gravitates towards less is more and deviates from the modern world of mass production. Here at Zuri we celebrate raw and unique one of a kind pieces that unify a world of diversity, each bursting to tell their individual story steeped in cultural history. From the foothills of India to dust plains of South Africa our products are accentuated only by our lush tropical plants.

We hope you enjoy.. as much as we do.

Zuri x