Zulu Plate


  • Product Description

      This wonderful handcrafted wooden Zulu platter is known by the local Zulu people as an uGqoko. The wood used does vary but in most cases the Zulu would use the Kiaat wood that is found locally in South Africa. The wooden Zulu platter or serving bowl is oval in shape and is set in the colours of the natural wood.

      The Zulu serving plate is an important item that is in daily use today and has handles on the side for easy handling. These Zulu serving platters are handcrafted in a variety of sizes and should there be a certain size that you are looking for e-mail us and we will let you know what we can do for you.

      Please note as these products are hand made they all are all unique and may differ slightly from the depicted photo. 

      Approx Size: 20-23 cm W x 37-47 cm L