Bowl 12cm

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  • Product Description

      Ram pressed & perfectly formed, these highly functional pieces are extremely practical & stackable; perfect for high usage situations like restaurants & cafés where lack of uniformity is an issue. Still unique despite their consistent shape, as each surface tells a different story. Every plate & bowl will showcase unrepeatable markings & patterns that change depending on the variables at the final firing; atmospheric conditions, ingredients used, time of year, all play a part in the alchemy that is saggar firing. Every piece will have a personality of its own. These pieces team perfectly with the slip cast bowl range.

      All our unglazed “naked” ceramics are crafted from Australian clays & saggar fired with our signature process; utilizing foraged native Australian organic materials & waste from indigenous flora & fauna to create unique & unrepeatable surface finishes that speak of the Australian earth. 

      Size: 12cm Dia