Tropical Gardenia Candle - Black


  • Product Description

      Gardenias with their unblemished colour of ivory white symbolise secret love and expressions of joy, long associated with purity and spirituality. Tropical Gardenia luxury scented candle by LUMIRA is an exquisite aroma of gardenia and night-blooming tuberose, with a sweet, green top note. An intense and rich floral body does justice to the natural scent found in this alluring blossom, and is gently grounded in the subtlest hint of amber. Perfect as a pick-me-up or to create a sense of joy and wellbeing.

      Top: soft spice, fresh lemon
      Middle: double-blooming gardenia, tuberose flowers, white freesia
      Base: white musk, sheer amber

      CANDLE CARE: To ensure an even and smoke-free burn, the wick should be trimmed to a length of 5mm each time before lighting. Candles should never be left burning unattended and discontinue when 10mm of wax remains.

      300g | approximately 80 hour burn time